About project

The Bureau for Express Monitoring of Public Opinion DEMOSCOPE under the International Center for Journalism MediaNet

Demoscope is aimed at express evaluation of public opinion in Kazakhstan on the most topical issues.

Demoscope is not a sociological institution in the classical sense, and has not its aim to interpret complex connotations and sociological portraits.

Our goal is to discover attitude of the ordinary people towards particular issues in express mode.

Questionnaires used within the polls are extremely simplified to provide additional guarantee of the project effectiveness. In other words, we ask very simple questions with minimum number of answers, so that a respondent has no difficulties to answer.

The polls are conducted on a regular base – every 7-15 days – through telephone and internet questionnaires, covering all major cities of the country.

Poll results are published in the format of the final release and infographics on www.demos.kz and distributed among mass media on the next day after the poll.

The project is supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Kazakhstan.