21% of people in Kazakhstan mentioned the low quality of piped water, the poll showed

DEMOSCOPE Bureau for Express Monitoring of Public Opinion has conducted a public opinion poll to find out what the people in Kazakhstan about water availability and supply in the country.
1 822 respondents from Astana, Almaty and 14 regional centers of Kazakhstan took part in the poll. 72% of women and 28% of men answered the poll questions by phone and online. 
The poll was conducted from 10 to 26 May 2015.
The statistical error does not exceed 2%.

39% of people in Kazakhstan are satisfied with the price on water supply services and their quality, while 18% had some remarks about the issue. 16% of the respondents are not satisfied with the high price on water supply services. 13% consider that the quality of services is low. Only 6% don’t care about the quality at all. And 8% found it hard to answer the question.

The poll showed that 60% of the interviewees live in apartment houses, 29% – in separate houses within the city boundaries, and 11% – in separate houses in the suburbs. 81% people of these groups have their house or apartment connected to the systems of central heating, water supply and drainage, while other 19% have no such opportunity.

Speaking of the most serious problem in the water sector of Kazakhstan, 27% of the respondents think there are no such problems, 21% complained of the water quality, and 16% are sure that the most serious problem is deterioration of water supply infrastructure.

13% mentioned high prices on piped water and its supply services. 8% felt it hard to answer the question. 6% of the respondents have water shortage. 5% have no access to water supply and sanitation systems. For 2% it is impossible to use water meters. Finally, 1% of the respondents consider low qualification of employees who manage and work in the water sector as the most serious problem.

The survey results also showed that 20% of the interviewed people are satisfied with the quality of water, as well as the other 20% who only has some remarks about it. 23% of the respondents don’t care about the quality at all. 10% mentioned its strange taste and color. 16% think that piped water is dangerous for their health. And 11% felt it hard to answer the question.

29% of the people living in Almaty and 31% – in East Kazakhstan region are sure the main concern should be about deterioration of water supply infrastructure.

The people living in North of the country have common feelings about the problems in water sector: 27% of the respondents in Astana, 64% – in Akmolinskaya Oblast and 26% – in North Kazakhstan complained of the low quality of water.

34% of the interviewees from South Kazakhstan region consider high prices on piped water and supply services as the most serious problem of water sector.

32% of the respondents from Atyrauskaya Oblast are sure that piped water is dangerous for their health. So do 22% of people living in Almaty, and 27% – in Aktyubinskaya Oblast.

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