Poll results: Measures to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic in Kazakhstan

60% of Kazakhstanis have reduced income due to quarantine

DEMOSCOPE Express Monitoring Bureau of Public Opinion conducted a poll of citizens on the topic Assessment of the Kazakhstani Authorities’ Effectiveness in COVID-19 Emergency Situation. In total, from June 2 to 8, 2020, 1,100 people from 14 regions and cities of republican significance (Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent) were interviewed. The survey was conducted in Kazakh and Russian by phone calls to landline numbers. The survey involved 53% of men and 47% of women over 18 years old. The basis for the selection was the subscriber base of landline telephone numbers of KT Cloud Lab LLP. For this sample, the maximum size of the statistical error with a probability of 95% does not exceed 3%.

The strict quarantine measures taken in Kazakhstan to combat COVID-19 are gradually weakening. The country is leaving the regime of self-isolation. However, the government encourages citizens to continue to comply with sanitary requirements. Amid falling incomes, discontent and skepticism about coronavirus are growing. The survey results demonstrate public assessment of the measures effectiveness taken at the time of the lockdown.

Most respondents (48%) rated the level of work of the authorities as average. In their opinion, the state partially solves some problems, but forgets about others.

A third of the survey participants (30%) praised the work of government agencies. They believe that the government and local executive bodies are acting smoothly and successfully.

16% of respondents think that the authorities are not coping well with the situation, since quarantine exposed systemic problems, and that the state is not coping with the situation.

It is noteworthy that in the regional context, the measures taken were rated most by 43% and 40% in the North Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions, respectively. On the contrary, in the West Kazakhstan region and Nur-Sultan there are more people who consider the measures taken to be ineffective – 23% and 21% respectively.

One of the most important indicators during quarantine is the attitude of citizens towards coronavirus infection. The results of the DEMOSCOPE poll showed that the vast majority of Kazakhstanis – 80%, believe in the existence of COVID-19. However, 33% of them do not believe that the virus is very dangerous to health. 14% of Kazakhstanis do not believe in the existence of coronavirus.

One of the key indicators of public mood is Kazakhstanis’ material well-being. According to the DEMOSCOPE poll, the majority of respondents (37%) remained at the same level. Income of 35% of citizens, on the contrary, decreased significantly since there was no work due to quarantine. Only 25% of citizens said their income decreased slightly.

Also, the survey participants were asked to answer the question about the validity of the quarantine measures taken. The results of the study showed that 51% of citizens fully support the restrictions introduced. In their view, the measures taken will help curb the spread of COVID-19.

41% of respondents oppose them, believing that the economy will suffer harder than people from coronavirus.

Many experts predict worsening of the epidemiological situation this fall. DEMOSCOPE Bureau found out how Kazakhstani people feel about the possible return of a hard lockdown.

Most respondents (55%) are quarantined with understanding. However, they believe that the state needs to help more people who are left without work.

19% of citizens are against strict restrictions. In their opinion, quarantine should be advisory in nature. And only 11% were categorically against quarantine.

The results of two studies of the DEMOSCOPE Public Opinion Bureau in March and June demonstrate understanding and support of quarantine measures adopted in Kazakhstan by the majority of citizens. However, the survey data also reflect deterioration in the economic well-being of citizens and the expectation of more effective support from the state including a real solution to problems in matters of payment on loans, partial payment of utility bills and price containment.


Telephone poll was carried out by the contact center of KT Cloud Lab LLP.

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