47% of Kazakhstan people think it is not worth it to invest into costly projects, such as EXPO

DEMOSCOPE  Bureau for Express Monitoring of Public Opinion conducted an opinion poll to find out what people in Kazakhstan think about EXPO results for Kazakhstan and its people. 1,849 people living in Almaty, Astana and regions took part in the poll.

The results are rather interesting. It turned out that 61% of the poll respondents didn’t visit EXPO, explaining “it was too expensive for their budget”.

55% of the respondents are sure that EXPO has increased Kazakhstan awareness, and another 23% think that owing to the international exhibition held in Kazakhstan the international community will treat it as “rather safe and developed country”. Only 11% suppose EXPO is a reason to think that Kazakh nation likes to waste money.

The most important question is if EXPO will have a favorable impact on the development of alternative sources of energy and nanotechnologies in Kazakhstan. As it turned out, 44% of the interviewees noted it is possible.

21% of the respondents believe “EXPO gives stimulus to the development of technologies and environmental thinking in the country”. The same number supports the opposite point of view, stating “I don’t think so. It was a promotion project”.

At the same time, an overwhelming majority (47%) mentioned that Kazakhstan should not invest into similar projects in the future, and “it is better to spend money on social issues or something that is more important for Kazakhstan people”. 26% interviewees didn’t give a decisive answer, as they know what are the criteria for EXPO benefits evaluation.

It was nice to find out that 52% of the respondents liked Nur-Alem sphere pavilion. And only 9% support the opposite opinion, while 36% found the construction fits into the architectural style of the capital.

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