65% people from Almaty consider the ski resort construction on Kok-Zhaylau unsafe for the city

DEMOSCOPE bureau of express monitoring of public

opinion conducted the survey of Almaty citizens

on the theme “Five questions about Almaty”.

The participants of the survey were 687 people

from Almaty. 73% women and 27% men

over 18 years old took part in the polling.

For this selection maximum size of a statistical error

with the probability of 95% does not exceed 5%.

Poll method is a telephone interview.

The polling was conducted on November 30, 2018

in the Kazakh and Russian languages depending

on the preferences of respondents.


One of the main subjects of unceasing discussions among people from Almaty is the project of ski resort construction on Kok-Zhaylau. According to data of independent sociological poll of DEMOSCOPE Bureau of express monitoring, most of residents of Almaty (65%) consider that implementation of this project can be dangerous for Almaty.

In particular, it is because of a number of serious environmental risks: probability of mudslides, deforestation, a loss of local ecosystem in general. 21% of inhabitants oppose them, considering that construction of the resort is safe for Almaty and contributes to the development of tourism. 14% of respondents heard nothing about the project at all.

The answers were given within Five Important Questions about Almaty poll. The residents of Almaty had to answer whether they consider the city safe and to state New Year wishes for themselves and the city.

Answering the question “Do you think Almaty is a safe city?” more than a third of respondents (36%) answered that in any cosmopolitan city there are some risks on a question, and Almaty is not an exception. Nearly a quarter of the interviewed residents feel safe. Approximately equal number of citizens of 15%, 14% and 12% are concerned about seismic threat, level of environmental pollution and deterioration in a criminogenic situation respectively.

Besides, it was offered to participants of poll to estimate the level of safety of the city on a five-point scale, where 5 means very high level, and 1 is very low. Most of respondents (40%) took 3 out of 5 estimating safety of the city. Nearly a third of citizens chose 4. 19% of Almaty residents estimated security level on five points. And 15% of inhabitants consider that Almaty is very unsafe.

Trust to law enforcement agencies of the city is an important indicator for citizens to feel secure. In this question the opinions of participants of the poll were different. A third of respondents consider that responsibility for public order is not only on law enforcement agencies’ responsibility, but also society’s. 28% of participants of the survey chose the opposite answers: some consider that law enforcement officers should be trusted; the others on the contrary, consider that they often do not accomplish their direct duties for providing law and order in the city. The sixth part of respondents consider that the police work honestly.

The wishes of inhabitants to the city management were the most representative. In the top of requests from Almaty people (39%) is utility services cost reduction. A quarter of participants of the poll consider necessary to improve ecological situation next year. 17% of citizens voted for increase in cultural and sports grounds in the city. Among other wishes is (15%) decrease in crime rate. The other 4% think that new year has to become important for development of city transport system.

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