Kazakhstan citizens are under no illusion about the change of the government and misremember the Cabinet members

DEMOSCOPE bureau of express monitoring of public opinion conducted the polling on the theme “Resignation of the Kazakhstan Government”.

The participants of the polling were 1868 people from from Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and all 14 regional centers of Kazakhstan. 70% women and 30% men over 18 years old took part in the polling. For this selection maximum size of a statistical error with the probability of 95% does not exceed 1.2%. The method of polling was a telephone interview. 

The polling was conducted from February 26 to February 27, 2019. 

Demoscope bureau found out what Kazakhstan citizens think of resignation of the government and asked to name their best and worst top officials. Most of respondents do not expect big changes in connection with the Cabinet change. It is obvious that the last failures noticeably downgraded the rating of trust to the power.

Within the poll, the respondents were asked to remember and name the most conscientious and effective member of the government in the history of the country. As a result, Imangali Tasmagambetov, recently dismissed Bakytzhan Sagintayev and Karim Massimov appeared in the top three of “rating”.

The most unpopular ministers among citizens were Madina Abylkasymova, Erlan Sagadiyeva and Kanat Bozumbayev.

As a rule, in similar anti-ratings the ministers of the social block whose activity is directly connected with the population – education, health care, social services and the social aid are in the lead. These officials contact to the population more often, are “under blow” and “are often sacrificed”. But the presence of the Minister of Energy among the list of outsiders is remarkable.

It is representative that only 633 respondents could say some names of the members of the government, and 73% of respondents could not remember any surname at all.

The results of the conducted polling showed that most of citizens, in total 66%, do not expect positive changes because of change of the government estimating extent of political influence of the cabinet very low.

The poll showed that Kyzylorda, Zhambyl and West Kazakhstan regions have the most positive expectations (44%) of the new government. On the contrary, the greatest scepticism to new appointments is observed among respondents from Pavlodar and Karaganda regions (49.5%).

A half of respondents consider that the main reason for resignation is growth of discontent of the population with the low standard of living. There is a direct connection of changes in the power with disappointment of society. 40% of respondents said that the reason for change of the government is “inefficient work of Sagintayev’s team”, so, they are inclined to explain the decision with disappointment of the head of state. Only 10% think that it is connected with shifts in political elite of the country.

It is remarkable that 23% of the population consider that responsibility for the low standard of living lies not only on the state: “People often do not try to improve their life and start working, they break the law”.

14% do not perceive this reform seriously considering that the current actions of the authorities in general will change nothing (“not much depends on the government lin the country”).

The important indicator for assessment of the situation is the level of credibility to the new Cabinet head. It was offered to make the forecast whether the situation in the country change with appointment of the new prime minister and his office.

Most of respondents (40%) do not create illusions, having been sure that the same or similar people will come to the power, so, there will be not much changes.

A third of Kazakhstan citizens, on the contrary, are sure that the new prime minister and the government will be able to make better life for ordinary people.

26% of respondents consider that the change of the government does not influence on anything because of the existing system.

Within the research, the respondents also said which part of the population needs support from the state most.

As expected the majority (41%) considered that the aid from the state has to be directed primarily to large families. 26% of respondents chose youth as the main addressee of state support. Only 12% of responds had people with disabilities and elderly peole. Public sector employees, in particular, teachers and doctors, are perceived needful in a smaller degree – 9%.


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