Kazakhstan: People aged 70 and over are more likely to trust the law enforcement

47.8% of people aged 70 and over are more likely to trust the law enforcement. Moreover, 33% tend to trust the law enforcement more, while 31.8% prefer to trust the national security bodies.

Yes, this group of people is satisfied with the work of the local police officer (33.4%), while 38% of people aged 50-59 and 36% aged 60-69 have never seen this person in the territory he or she is responsible for. As it turned out, people aged between 16 and 29 (20.3%) and between 30 and 39 (22.77%) are more like to get acquainted with the local police officers. The group of people who are 40-49 do not trust the law enforcement more often. And, 8.9% of them are sure that police officers are corrupted and highly unprofessional.

As you might understand, DEMOSCOPE Bureau for Express Monitoring and Public Opinion has conducted a public opinion poll to find out if the people in Kazakhstan trust the law enforcement. 1,966 citizens living Astana, Almaty and 14 regional centers of Kazakhstan took part in the poll, with 70% of women and 30% of men aged over 16 years old. The maximum statistical error doesn’t exceed 0.97%, taken the possibility of 90%. The  respondents were interviewed by phone and online in June-July 2017.

As of general conclusions, when answering the question “Do you trust the law enforcement?”, 28% of respondents from all age groups agreed they follow the law and do a good job. While the majority (55%) said they do trust, but not always, as the law enforcement can make mistakes and violate the law sometimes.

At the same time, 7% of the interviewees do not trust thinking police officers are too much corrupted or highly unprofessional. And only 2% do not trust the law enforcement, being sure they are unprofessional.

It is interesting what people said when answering the question “Do you think that the law enforcement of Kazakhstan really protect your rights?”

53% of the respondents think they ensure safety but ignore human rights. It’s good that 39% of the respondents think the law enforcement follow the law and protect human rights.

What do people of Kazakhstan feel when they see the law enforcement doing their job. 59% feel safe and mutually respected, while 18% are anxious, 19% feel safe but not respect, and only 5% are in fear.

The prosecution and national security bodies are equally trusted by people in Kazakhstan (28% each), followed by the law enforcement (27%). 16% trust none of the mentioned structures.

14% of the respondents think there is no chance to count for objectiveness and support of the law enforcement in case their rights are violated due to corruption. At the same time, 46% of the interviewees have no reasons to doubt the level of professionalism of the law enforcement. 30% have doubts, being sure human rights are not the priority for the law enforcement. Finally, 11% count for nothing at all, as they think these bodies do not provide any justice.

The final piece of the puzzle was the question “Are you satisfied with the work of your local police officer?” 32% of the respondents have not seen him or her in the area. 18% know him and see him, but cannot say anything about his work. 27% of the respondents said they are satisfied. And only 5% answered they are not.  10% found it hard to answer the question, and another 7% failed to assess the quality of his work. The funny thing is that the lucky 7 (percent) was mentioned in our poll three times. Check our infographic to find out more.

52% of people in Kazakhstan speak Kazakh, and 44% don’t know Latin alphabet

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